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She knew I had already started, but she thought it might answer some questions I had about the process that was consuming my life and as I share in the interview, I mean that quite literally. One orders a pint of blood the other orders a cup of hot water. Join Now Log In. By the time I reached sexual maturity, there was a strong shame associated with being a bleeder. You likely want to get laid—plain and simple. Even within kink-circles, it is something that some people shy away from, sometimes even with a level of disgust. Also, I want to specify that I don't get a thrill from tampons or maxipads that are used, I just have a general blood fetish.

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Fear and shame are powerful motivators.

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Menophilia (Fetish Philes 3)

So why is it so taboo? Read more from Women. Skyler suggests lying down a couple towels—preferably darker ones—to prevent your sheets from getting stained. In many ways, the fact that periods are now part of our news agenda demonstrates progress. You know, like during sex or something It's not exactly a topic I've looked heavily into, so it's just raw curiosity. Posted November 25, If a female partner of mine has her period, I consider that a good thing, because it means that all of her reproductive organs are likely functioning properly, and there isn't an unplanned pregnancy.

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menstrual fetish chat
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menstrual fetish chat
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