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Fallout 3 had to change the name of a drug morphine to 'Med-X' in order to keep distribution in certain countries. Bo's zombie blood in Monster Soup. The main characters, a group of teenagers living at the Xavier Institute for Indigent Children, had slipped away to a bar and try a unique hallucinogen: If you need an addictive or psychedelic substance for a storyline, there's always one old standby: It has a level of addictiveness bordering on Compressed Vice.

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He tried to rid his system of Rapture by rewriting his own genetic code using a stored file of his genome which he'd been using for experiments.

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So numerous in American Flagg! The gang that created it, the bizarre Phantom Club a group of mostly space colonists dressed up in ridiculous ghost costumesin typical over the top cartoon villain fashion, apparently intended to get the entire population of Earth addicted so they could take over the world. A suggested plothook in Changeling: The official site also implies that it has some mild psychological effects, basically inducing childlike thought in people who drink it—explaining Obelix's strange personality and why even the more shrewd Gauls really enjoy beating people up on potion. Sluggy Freelance occasionally uses super-scientific drugs in the place of real ones. He ends up writing a book, founding a religion, and becoming friends —if vitriolic ones —with Londo. G'Kar gets his hands on some and tries using it on Londo; he realized halfway through that this was wrong, and got enlightenment probably by the telepathic intervention of Kosh in the process.

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