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She giggled, fur beginning to stand on end as I gently gripped the fabric between my teeth, and began to slowly pull back, bringing the garment with me. Orgasm after wicked orgasm wracked her slender body, our sweat soaking both of us. I lifted her hips and repositioned myself to allow room for stronger, faster thrusts. I gently rolled her over so we were front to front, and I wrapped my arms around her in a tender, protective hug. Rated M for language and lemons. Below her, Sally smiled as she watched the sight of Amy in her stockings and garter belt impale her own pussy without help, her body shivering as Amy took it all the way to the hilt before rising up a bit.

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They easily followed the rest of my garments, exposing my manhood to the cool, air conditioned air.

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The taste of her natural fluids nearly sent me over the edge, but I forced my desire back and started to tenderly lick at her moist folds. Do whatever you want… hmmm…" I didn't need any more of an invitation, and spread her legs just a little more than they were before wrapping my arms about her slim waist and slowly thrusting my girth deep into her core. It wasn't long before my own exhaustion caught up with me. Showing her appreciation by returning the look with a smile, Sally lifted up the hand that been circling around the bulge, and wave it at Amy. I took a few deep breaths to calm down, and swept Sally off her feet.

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