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I guess it means the world ends and guys like you and me march off to hell. Jack wouldn't be usin' that stump tomorrow, regardless. Their love-making became a torrent of emotions fuelled by a love so deep neither knew it was there, but tinged with a sadness that so many years had been wasted, that a deep cavernous hurt lay between them, that the future was uncertain. Cunts one cock wmv. Let me out a here … got ta get out there, touch that man … oh christ, I got ta touch him! Jack asks, "Anythin' interestin' up there in heaven?

Tell ya what … I drove a thousand miles ta pick up where we left off.


I think Jack had to leave, he is hurting so much, and I think that he is really afraid that Ennis might finally just fly, poor Jack has so many insecurities, including not realising that Ennis also can't live with out him, but he also needs to now take care of himself. Ennis has taken the lead, and Jack is all his for the moment. Jack can't walk away NOW! Sure, will be real busy settin' up an' all, but once things is settled down … hope we don't get tired a fuckin'! A simple human gesture? He knows that would make all this more bearable, all this that is dragging him into uncharted territory.

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