Khloe kardashian and naked

Got a showbiz story? The reality star bared her bump in one photo. Khloe, 33, is reportedly pregnant with her first childalthough is yet to confirm the news. The older sister of Kylie Jenner, who recently had a baby girl named Stormi Webster, cradled her bump in a third picture where she wore an ivory bodysuit. The stunner bared her bump in the shot as the tiny number put her rotund stomach on full display.

The stunner bared her naked bump on Instagram.

Khloe Kardashian baby: Star poses TOPLESS as she bares her naked bump in sizzling shoot

The star showed off her bump in a skintight bodysuit. Star flaunts voluptuous curves in tiny thong Kim Kardashian Instagram: Based on her general social media presence lately, it seems that Kardashian West is fed up with fending off haters. You are logged in with Google Social: The eldest Kardashian has revealed she has a picture of her stark naked sister Khloe on the wall of what seems to be her living room. View this post on Instagram. In the majority of the photos Kardashian was referencing, Kardashian West appears to wear nothing but a white thong, an oversized fur coat, a sheer white shirt, and gray socks.

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