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For relaxing during recreation like visiting the beach, working out, swimming or just enjoying the sun and breeze in a social setting with others there is nothing that can compare with non-sexual social nudity for comfort and companionship. You need to decide if you are ace or not, but it does sound like you are. I think that's not desire that's the fashion. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Everyone else, not so much. There are many roads to Rome.

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Currently I'm identifying as asexual, and I agree with the general opinion in this thread.

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Naked Desire

You've already listed pretty much every reason. I since I saw her I started to plan when and how I would have made before leaving the hotel. Many women wonder things like "When am I going to get to the gym? You must reverse this trend that so many men have fallen in. Formerly when I was a kid, to be seen or almost seen naked was an extremely mentally traumatic experience that would leave me shrieking like a little girl and dancing around behind whatever cover I could find, either crying or on the verge of tears, until the person left. But none of that media, studies, conversations about the importance of sex means sexuals are ready to bang anyone on sight.

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