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He must be causing Ennis so much pain. Ennis feels, smells, tastes Jack's semen. And he did like bringing Ennis off like that. For his part, Jack is not sure what to do with the other man's tumescence, but desiring more of Ennis' scent, desiring a taste, wanting to do whatever he can to please Ennis, to draw everything he can out of the man, Jack moves his face toward his friend's groin. Jack, for his part, is ever mindful of the way his lover worries about anything they do that doesn't involve Ennis fucking him. He was always there for the Jack of it all, the fun, the way Jack could get him to open up and roughhouse like a little baby calf in a field! But what right does he have to Ennis' heart?

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Hangin' 'round with them dirty sheep an' all, ya know.

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Why can't that boy just let loose for once? No other man ever goin' a have Jack like this, be able to say "Jack Twist has my dick in his mouth"! I can't wait to touch Ennis, to find out who he really is, what he really feels like, Jack thinks. Consequently, acquiring a job can be thought as a difficult task for the two robust cowboys due to the standardized labor ideology that judged people according to their sexual orientation and not their effectiveness. I know that is a controversial stance.

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