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Wilson suggests that occasional examples of helpful behaviour toward non-related persons are explained by an additional concept that takes care of the residual cases: Many scholars now suggest that the normal behaviour patterns of our primate ancestors involved sharing and cooperation rather than aggression, male dominance, and competition. Many ancient societies had androgynous deities that reflected an integration of both male and female principles with natural and cultural forces. The most popular model for this approach is the baboon. We do not, however, feel that she has been totally successful in her claim to explain the origins of inequality, even while she has done much to elucidate its dynamics. We must look elsewhere for an explanation of the historical evidence for increasing male dominance in advanced horticultural and early state societies. Depending upon natural and historical conditions, one or both powers may be culturally valued and receive ritual emphasis.

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Male Domination

Childe, Social EvolutionLondonpp. Coontz and Henderson largely accept this account, in which a sexual division of work is related to diversification of productive techniques allowing some members to hunt, trap, or trade as others engage in hearth-based activities, while a more formal sexual division of labour develops as groups need to regularize the production and circulation of goods and services. Applying these theories to humans, E. Mona Etienne and Eleanor Leacock, eds. However, a high value on male aggression does not automatically or necessarily translate into male dominance, as women may achieve power under some circumstances.

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