Gotta get piss drunk

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It binds to receptors on the kidneys and promotes water reabsorption, a decrease in the volume of urine sent to the bladder, and excretion of more concentrated urine. You can also say Pee your Bed. First, it takes a little bit of time for alcohol to suppress ADH and for the kidneys to ramp up the water works. To act in a silly or immature way. To be out drinking Piss Head: T o be full of excessive, maybe even agressive energy Piss in the Pickles:

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A session of heavy drinking.

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Easy to get piss drunk

You sit down at the bar, get a beer and drink it. Session expired Please log in again. To do something in vain, pointless, or futile Example: If you like beer, and like it in large quantities, this might be a familiar scenario: The British English speaker, on the other hand, is less likely to make the inverse mistake because the British are exposed to a lot more American TV and culture than the other way around. T o be full of excessive, maybe even agressive energy. He had to go to the bathroom so bad that he ended up pissing his pants.

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gotta get piss drunk
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gotta get piss drunk
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