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Jimmy, Beezy, and Heloise. He said he is closer than I think. Or do you mean that bird that just flew away? Heloise puts on her dress, "There we go… Oh, it's a bit tight on me. He got close enough to see.

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Getting up from the picnic blanket, Beezy ran off screaming.

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Jimmy Two-Shoes

Jimmy and Beezy take a rocket there but they end up on the other side of the island thinking it is the right side. Levon smiles from Lotia being able to understand him, "See, there you go…" Lotia gives a light smile to him before standing up, revealing she is a tad shorter than him and her long hair reaches the ground. Between Jimmy and Heloise, naturally. He thinks about what he just saw, 'I just saw her undies! About ten minutes later Heloise knocks on Jimmy's door. As if on cue, Jez jumped on him and mauled him right there on the rug. Jimmy in Jimmy and Beezy on the Run.

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