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It's not recommended that you ever make a "big deal" of the situation, or attempt to discourage or shame your teenager. I looked down and saw that he was masturbating. You don't need to get specific in terms of frequency: You can use both of them together. You could, however, let her know that there are toys she can buy online.

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Teen girls crave older male partners - an uncomfortable truth British society ignores

All teens must become accustomed to controlling and understanding sexual desires, distinguishing lust from love. Masturbation is private time for them. Tips Without being intrusive, watch your teen's overall moods and behavior. But should legal recourse be the first reaction? When teens are first exploring their bodies, it's possible to wander into risky behavior, and you want to make sure your teenager is informed about what to avoid. There is a difference between a sexual experience that was in retrospect a mistake, and a sexual experience that was abuse. Young women have sexual agency.

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