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More than viruses mainly the rhinovirus can cause the common cold, and your immune system may not yet have built up resistance to the one you came in contact with. As for giving a loved one a kiss when they're sick, Brownfield said, "I'd take the risk. In any given year, there's more than one type of influenza virus that might be circulating, said Dr. The CDC Web site says a study has found that no adverse fetal effects have been associated with getting the shot. The length of time an infected person can pass along germs also depends on age and health. Younger, healthier people tend to have higher rates of protection from the vaccine because they have a higher antibody response to it. Once you've had the flu, you develop antibody protection to the viral strain that caused it.

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See if you can spot the truth from the false statements below.

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10 Misconceptions About Cold and Flu

But the effectiveness can also vary depending on the age and the health of the person getting the flu shot. But infection with one type of influenza strain will not safeguard you against any new or mutated or different viral strains. Stocks open sharply lower on Wall Street. As you get older, your immune system is not as efficient as it once was and it's less likely to give as strong an immune response. But the link between Alzheimer's and flu shots has been floated on the Internet, all attributed to one physician whose license has since been suspended. Leave that ResistTrump coffee mug at home. But some years the vaccine is not well matched:

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can you get a cold from sex
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can you get a cold from sex
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