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Subverted in Kare Kano when Yukino brings Soichiro home for the first time. Anything happens to my daughter, I've got a. On the other hand, if he's a prince, he can have her for ten bob and a pickled egg. Neumann was determined, somehow, to turn all the hate directed his way into something beautiful. You think you can call my house and freak us out? Though with it becoming a complete Crapsack Worldcan you really blame him?

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If I did not fear incarceration from human authority figures, I would terminate your life functions by applying sufficient pressure to your blunt skull so as to force its collapse!

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Overprotective Dad

I trust you to defend your honor. Apparently, Soichiro just has the look of a perfect husband. As a man with a little girl, I feel this all the time. Heck, even Ariel is like this to her own daughter, Melody. Are these images pornography or art?

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