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Is it cancer, perhaps related to his constant smoking? I don't want to participate in that. After successfully mating them, Clive and Elsa plan to create a human-animal hybrid that could revolutionize science. Without going through that whole fascinating-older-man thing about ten times? The cynical dialog of Harper's mother with Connie is for me the greatest part of this film, when she says that a looser like him prefers young and naive women to be admired in his completely failure as a man.

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Sarah Silverman on Her Upcoming Nude Scene: ‘I Am Begging You to Lower Your Expectations!’

Rea is perfectly cast, as well, affecting a patient, reserved manner, touched with an almost forlorn weariness evocative of a certain wisdom-of-the-world attitude that makes Harper's attraction to him believable. Consistent with the POV factor, Harper's story is told with intelligence and compassion, with a lot of emphasis on the fragility of a first love and the pain of a trust betrayed. Take This Waltz - video review. Gina Gershon seems much more natural and likeable than usual here, and Stephen Rea is a bit understated in his performance. Stephen Rea was almost too cool to be believable as such a screwed up and insecure man.

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