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Story highlights Neuropsychiatrist Louann Brizendine say fathers can feel jilted when daughters find love Kirsty Ewens says her dad had a "total meltdown" when she wanted to live with boyfriend Young women's physical maturation can lead dads to be confused about relating to them Joe Kelly, who wrote about dads and daughters, says trust your daughter's decision-making. How did your parents react to your first serious relationship? He built another house on his property for her and her beau to live in. Especially for dads who have been invested in their relationships with their daughters. Later he stood at the window, baby in arms, pointing out fat pigeons while she counted them and cooed.

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Celebs and civilians alike expected to 'bounce back' after baby.

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Daddy's Little Girl

I have let them all know I will always have their back. Finding a mom friend in the big city. They'll even look outside their marriages for comfort. And he basically is. He'd dropped me off at work one day and as I'd stepped out of the car a gust of wind blew my skirt up, prompting me to force it down with my hands. Tech Innovate Gadget Mission:

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