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Just check my profile out and you can find it there. It's time for the second exam. She knew about Kin from living next to him and peeking as he enjoyed her. If you put it that way. She encircled her legs on Naruto's thighs to pull him closer, making him drive deeper into her.

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Now she would serve a real leader and she was definitely looking forward to having him enjoy her body.

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The fact that his own father was a Kage made him shudder. One of Naruto's clones was blown away by a massive jutsu and luckily for him Sasuke's clone and the one with Sakura were still there. She looked at Naruto with a sated look, the blond looking at her just the same. You know, you could have at least done it with a girl you like. First came the black shorts to reveal a wine red thong that was dripping with love juices that quickly came off as well.

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