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At least that's what I think it was. When your tongue is sore from spending 20 minutes in her box and another 30 in her booty hole and she strokes ya meat for 30 seconds and says "l'm sleepy" G: Front to back, OK. Booty, Dad, and Funny: Funny, Dessert, and Booty Hole:

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Even had a high fever and blood in my urine for days. They've got concentrated cranberry extract, so you don't have to drink so much of the stuff if you don't like it. Then, you'll have to go to a hospital and probably have to spend a few days being treated with some very strong, IV antibiotics. TIFU must be at the beginning of the post title or it will automatically be removed. Written like a year old trying to sound like a year old. Vulgar does not mean using bad words.

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