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You are commenting using your Twitter account. I too know through experience that there is little point in confronting someone directly about the problem,and by "confronting" I mean politely asking that they you know,maybe turn it down a tad? Yes, it was expensive for an iron fence and electrical conduit to be installed. Correct, if you leave out the part of the story where this all happened in the land of make believe. You are certainly not alone Express Next thing you know, I'm gonna be standing on a street corner selling your damned autograph!

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It got so bad that I left notes on their front door, which did nothing, so I actually got the landlord involved.

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Suspected Intentional Home Audio Interference

Set it for a loop and leave home for few hours. Again, my neighbor is highly technically educated and trained and it is not beyond the realm of credibility that my suspicions are valid. MY problem is a bit more than car stereo. Put lots of tacks in the yard in the spot he keeps visiting. Fortunately, most most hams do behave themselves.

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fm transmitter piss off neighbor
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fm transmitter piss off neighbor
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3 thoughts on “Fm transmitter piss off neighbor

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