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She found that fact out just then his searching cock found, and entered Her abandoned pussy folds clutched hungrily after the swiftly departing tongue. Lois's eyes bulged as she watched his furious attack in the mirror, watched his scarlet penis slithering upward into her rectal channel with a fierce wet rush, burying itself to the hilt in her well-stretched passage. He buried his long cock fully into her and started making short thrusting jabs, not like the delicious long slow strokes that her husband was capable of, seemingly trying to get into her anus even deeper. Lois suddenly recalled the incident with Brian peeing around the house and how the physiologist had made them realize that it was because he wanted her in a way not normal for a lady of the house and the family dog. Meanwhile Brian's saliva was dripping all over her naked backside, flowing down into the cleft of her buttocks.

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Lois had never known the equal of this lewd, feverish sensation, which had made such a furnace of her belly.

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She couldn't contain her trembling smile of happiness, feeling the heat of Brian's animal sperm still puddling deep in her satiated belly as she drifted of to sleep. He intended to fuck her just as though she were another animal! His huge, upraised red animal penis, completely exposed and glistening lewdly in its blood-filled rigidity! Lois thrust backward onto the ever-thickening dog cock skewering deeper and deeper into her raging, hot belly from behind. It was so naughty and unexpected and in a strange perverted way, Lois knew that he was the perfect male to have an illicit affair with. Lois Griffin Interracial Anal. As Lois gathered herself to push back he'd quickly pulled back a short distance, not far enough to extract himself though, and with his own desperate surge forward drove himself deeply up her tight little asshole as Lois pushed back against him trying to throw him off.

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