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In contrast, recombination decouples hitchhiking mutations from their initial background, and we identify no deleterious mutations that fix in sexual populations Figure 3b,c. First, we isolated naturally occurring fertilized mictic and amictic eggs, and thus, these two types of eggs came from lineages with different histories of sex Figure 2. The generation of such variants is not useful for adaptation and thus cannot contribute to a long-term advantage to sex. Correct genotypes were confirmed by Sanger sequencing. Therefore, to generate a baseline expectation, we calculated coverage in the same windows for all of the generation-0 and generation population samples. This is often discussed in terms of differences in variance. This is complicated by the fact that random noise is introduced by the sequencing and alignment process.

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Becks L, Agrawal A.

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Sex Speeds Adaptation by Altering the Dynamics of Molecular Evolution

Otto SP, Lenormand T. In the second assay random parents; Figure 4sexually derived offspring have lower average fitness. Distribution of sexually and asexually derived offspring from random sets of parents from populations in Environment B. Our results demonstrate that sex both speeds adaptation and alters its molecular signature by allowing natural selection to more efficiently sort beneficial from deleterious mutations. Selection for recombination in small populations. Combining probability from independent tests: The percentage of mutations that were fixed in a given class is shown in parentheses next to the number of fixed mutations.

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sex on a adapt action
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sex on a adapt action
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