Should i spank daughter

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Hi, I was just reading your question and all the answers and was talking to my husband about it and he wanted me to say. It is better to teach your child by sitting them down and having a face to face discussion with them not only about why their behavior is not allowed, but also teaching them alternative behavior. I will do the same thing for my son also. But is it really possible to discipline a child without hitting him or her? I got spanked by both. Thirty countries in the world have banned physical punishment of children, including at home.

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Also, he never spanked my brother either if that matters to you.

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Spanking Can Be an Appropriate Form of Child Discipline

I have 3 male friends who are married and do not spank their daughters. The American Psychological Association discourages any form of physical punishment, seeing it as both harmful and unnecessary. Were I live smacking is worse then spanking but in other countries smacking is the same as spanking and mild so the definition of smacking is not the same everywhere. I just know that spanking should be done just as disipline and not out of anger and I also worried Kaleb may just be too mad and not realize his own strength. Looked him dead in his cute little eyes, and with my most serious face I told him I was putting him in time out and why. I think it is wise to show your child dicipline but never out of anger or frustration.

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should i spank daughter
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should i spank daughter
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