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A lot of dudes on here try to claim that they don't have a height preference at all, but my life experience has shown me that's not the case, so thank you for being honest. So not only were the boys throughout high school too intimidated to approach me, but the stigma of being a lesbian followed me the entire time I was there. I look down at them and smile! That was 11 years ago. I stood 6-foot-1 at pounds. Send the shorties my way!!!

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Aside from being a gymnast or a jockey, height will give you an advantage in most sports if you choose to play them.

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15 Undeniable Facts About Men: Do Guys Like Short Girls And Why

It was also at this time, I could easily date younger women, and I did. Try to change your thinking. Therefore, the relatively small data-set and abnormal height distribution of respondents likely skewed the results. They can easily bend down and kiss her. Don't be a jerk. Is long hair or short hair more attractive on women? So, I guess its all abiut being happy with what u have….

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very tall girls looking down at short girls
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