Adult koran angel fish

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With an ultimate length of more than 30 cm the species requires a large aquarium. Quarantining and freshwater dipping copper based medications are suggested as treatments. It is from the Pomacanthidae family, and was first described by Cuvier in The pattern is easily confused with the juvenile Emperor Angelhowever the latter has tighter bands that appear to emanate from the base of its tail. Provide Water parameters of: Look for specimens that have steady gill movement that is not rapid. Aquarium Care In general, Pomacanthus angelfish are not as forgiving as some other fish when it comes to water quality.

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While the juvenile coloration of P.

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Koran Angelfish

View 3 Animal Stories on Koran Angelfish. These newly fertilized eggs will float in a planktonic stage for a few weeks. If they are close to the same size they may be aggressive towards each other. Feed 3 or more times a day. Social Behaviors Semicirculatus or Koran Angelfish adults are generally solitary. A minimum size of gallons l is suggested, with between to gallons to l for proper adult coloration and size, and for a pair. Here is a great example of an angelfish tank.

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adult koran angel fish
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adult koran angel fish
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