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Tag licks are a big part of the bluegrass sound, but I will agree some of the standard ones are a bit overused. What's the Lick Switcher? Im talking about the g tag lick I hear in just about every classic bluegrass song. I'm not a fancy picker, just plain and straight-forward. I worked my way a bit through The Complete 5-String Banjo player and then, one day, just fooling around, I noticed I could play songs much faster than I thought I could, as long as there was no index-middle-index in the roll. And yeah it's overdone sometimes, I like to make up my own filler licks because of that.

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But I agree it can make things too predictable after a while. Leather Britches for Mandolin App Article detail. Yes Kemo that is it I counted 4 tags in that song. Wes's Blues [Banjo] Music Article detail. The importance of learning different versions of a tune.

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banjo tag lick
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banjo tag lick
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