Cystoscopy fetish stirrup position

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I'm hoping to hear all about it. I helped with one the other day to get rid of a bladder stone. She introduced herself and expressed how happy she was to see that a male my age would feel comfortable choosing a woman doctor. I just reacted to the drugs for knocking me out. She then touched a button that caused the stirrups to move apart, leaving me lying on my back spread eagle. I was given an outsource requisition to the local county health clinic, I scheduled the appointment and showed up two days later for the afternoon appt.

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My body was so tense.

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A Physical and a Cystoscopy

Hey doc, that's my penis you're sticking that thing in, I have a right to watch. The prostate bother score went from 27 to 3. I was in stirrups for this. The doctor's instruments were on a table to the side, covered by a cloth. I think there is much more skill and knowledge required to detect abnormalities in a prostate than in other parts breasts and testicle come to mind. THe first was just for a look since I had had some bleeding, but in the second, about three years later, they found a broken blood vessel and they proceeded to electro-cauterize it.

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cystoscopy fetish stirrup position
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cystoscopy fetish stirrup position
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