Fire penetration details

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Did you know that many specifications for firestopping reference older fire test standards or obsolete products? For those systems that do not specifically allow for the penetrant to be installed at an angle the UL Guide Information for Through-Penetration Firestop Systems can be referenced. The International Building Code IBC requires that fire walls, fire barriers, fire partitions, smoke barriers, and smoke partitions be permanently identified with stenciled lettering or other labels. Fire resistive joint systems protect the joints or spaces installed within or between fire rated assemblies. In this case, the design will have an FT-Rating. In general, both sides of the penetration are sealed with the proper system. Information concerning these details is described in the individual systems.

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The hourly ratings apply only to the complete systems.

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A Look at the UL Guide Information for Through-Penetration Firestop Systems: Angled Penetrations

The firestop system shall have an F-rating equal to or more than the rating of the wall penetrated. Another way of saying this is that there are limits to the size and density of unprotected membrane penetrations within a rated separation. Some examples are outlet boxes, sink drains, or conduit that leads from a back-box to the space above the ceiling. The firestop system is to consist of a fill void cavity material sealant, putty or mortarthe annular space must be maintained on both sides of the assembly and all other specific requirements of the UL system must be met. These passive systems are mainly used to compartmentalize a fire and keep it from spreading for a period of time long enough that occupants can evacuate the building and so firefighters can perform initial lifesaving tasks. However, penetrations are not required to be identified or labeled. Let our firestop experts assist by reviewing your firestop specifications and making appropriate recommendations.

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fire penetration details
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fire penetration details
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