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Even so, Romero contends, "I don't think Dennis helps the music scene, because he allows the musicians to cop out. He did the same for Sheila Marshall, a spunky belter who was going backward fast in Nacogdoches and who now has a regular slot with a full band at Sherlock's Pub. Sadly when I turned 21 I would go down that way and grab a drink at various bars. It's a baby-sitting job, for sure. If that 10 percent figure is indeed accurate and according to the DLP acts contacted by the Press, it isthen Lange's asking rate is on the low end of the scale as far as agents' fees go. So far, says Beyer, the patrons aren't complaining.

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Well, that, and weird schools with names like American Intercontinental University and the geographically challenged, deviously named River Oaks Academy.

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But extra digging turns up precious little, if any, concrete evidence of those claims. The most lucrative acts in Houston -- groups such as Toy Subs, Rat Ranch, Jerk, Hi-Rize and Arrival -- are among them, relying on Lange for everything from finding them last-minute gigs to charting their careers. While Lange's dad loved his land, farming was only a hobby; his primary income came from a family-owned steak house. So I keep my original projects working in cover music bands so they can repay recording money or repay their bass loan or whatever. We use cookies to collect and analyze information on site performance and usage, and to enhance and customize content and advertisements.

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