Amature she put a straw in her pee hole

Now the thing is that i always get an erection during soundingand i am worried that a straight sound is ging to damage something when i try to reach the prostate or the bladder. I always Increase in 0. Some people enjoy moving a sound in and out of their body in a manner not unlike penetrative sex. The smallest is 12 on one end and 15 on the other. I need to know whether i will need to visit the doctor for the bleedingor it will heal by itself. Today I did urethral sounding for the first time, I bought.

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When going via the urethra, in my experience, you would want to use the straight style of sound, nothing small nor nothing too big that you have discomfort and CAREFULLY try different positions by raising and lowering your penis to allow further insertion. I put a straw in my girlfriends peehole last week and then uploaded the pic to NN. Ein bis 2 Stunden dehnen am Tag reicht durchaus aus. I look forward to trying it again. View Your Own Profile. I play with multiple people, so I disinfect my sounds with SaniCide after each use, and then clean the SaniCide off with Dr.

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