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See, for example, Tables 3A and 3B. A method for cryogenically preserving rodent sperm, comprising adding to the rodent sperm, prior to cryopreservation, a composition that includes at least one cryoprotectant; and reduced glutathione, beta-mercaptoethanol or a combination thereof. You may want to try some others, especially some of the rigid silicone ones - as they can be easier to remove in an emergency - before moving up to a metal one. These methods have also greatly and consistently improved the fertilization rates observed for other mouse strains as well. In one embodiment, the method of cryogenically preserving sperm producing cryogenically preserved sperm comprises a combining sperm to be cryogenically preserved and a composition that comprises at least one of the following: Teenies gone wild porn pics. Will a cock ring stop you from cumming?

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The method of claim 13wherein the cryoprotectant is selected from the group consisting of raffinose, lactose, trehalose, melibiose, melezitose, mannotriose, stachyose, dextran, sucrose, and sugar alcohols thereof, glycerol, maltitol, and lactitol.

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In particular embodiments, the sugar included in the cryoprotective media is raffinose or lactose. In a further embodiment, the cryoprotective media includes a free radical scavenger and does not include a cryoprotectant or a membrane protectant. Applicants have shown that fertilization rates are greatly and consistently improved when the media and methods described herein are carried out. Male spank hookups man to man. Following a 4 hr co-incubation, the presumptive zygotes were washed and cultured overnight. Each of the components of the kit may be provided in liquid form e. Free radical scavenger agents useful in the cryoprotective media of the present invention can alternatively be identified by methods known to those of skill in the art.

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cardboard sleeves for sperm ampules
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cardboard sleeves for sperm ampules
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