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Of course he had………he was Auron, auron knew every thing. She sighed and sat up grabbing him, sticking her tongue into his mouth, and the kissed for along time, his cock resting against her thigh. I'm going to take you all the way. He pulled out of her and just looked down at her sweaty body. He made his way to the nipple sucking it, licking, pulling. Every second he didn't answer was a second wasted her pussy wasn't being pumped by him! Sex and lust made her body tingle still, her thighs and pussy were covered in his cum, and her juice, she looked and realized the bed was soaked too.

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He stood there as if he had been expecting her.

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She played with it until he laid back on the bed. She wished the night would never end! She started with two fingers, she stuck them inside her and started to moan… " Auron………yes…. She turned the water of and slid out of the bath tub. She ran her hands over her breasts messaging them, playing with the nipples before rubbing her belly. Authors note, Well there you go, I hope you have found pleasure in reading this, I know I had to stop a couple times J. She stood in the middle of the room, staring down at the bed.

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