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Ken i don't know you from a bar of soap but I'm proud of you son. Rather than replicate the 12 steps used by Alcoholics Anonymous, the association created its own vow of abstinence danshu no chikai that is read out before each meeting. I feel like buying you and your dad a drink. It is a stressful job, in a country where social pressure is palpable. They were probably pissing their pants and they're too scared of the yakuzas to even post on the Internet anonymously. He reached down and grabbed the unconscious man by the hair and lifted him up with one hand, until he was like a marionette dangling in the air.

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I was raised in a high crime neighborhood with good old fashioned crips and bloods who would jump if not shoot you for wearing the wrong color or even looking at them funny.

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Nice one cause it does take some guts, btw they do seem tough but quite often it is just a look. So got the plate number, and called the police from home. No police, no ambulance, nothing. We just stood watching. My friend's brother is a yakuza chinpira, and even she is scared of him. Do you not think that this is an area that they can try to improve upon?

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