Masturbation kills testosterone

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The only real way to make sure you keep your testosterone levels high is with a quality natural test booster. Rather than guess and pontificate what you think might be happening in reality, we need to ask the question - what does science say? The reason people prefer to stick more to the lower muscle mass with masturbation is because of the stigma in our society in relation to sex. Those receptors are what allow or enable you to use testosterone throughout your body. I wouldnt worry about it if i was you, im me and i dont. Many studies have shown that having high stress levels brings down testosterone levels a lot not to mention all the other diseases and symptoms they can bring on. Testosterone Levels, Masturbation, and bodybuilding.

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I have noticed a huge decrease in strength if I am intimate with my wife before I go to the gym.

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Does Masturbating Kill Your Gains?

Feel free to correct me if I have any misconceptions. Your link has given me a concrete evidence for this suspiscion ive have for ages. The scientific research on this is separated between short-term abstinence and longer term abstinence. Going by this the guys who masturbate must have higher muscle mass. Any porn, but especially video, will wire the connections in the brain from visual stimulus and hedonism to orgasm. Very interesting article, especially the part about having to get your T levels above to make a significant difference to muscle growth. So the take-home message here is this:

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masturbation kills testosterone
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masturbation kills testosterone
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